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  • amber

    AT&T Advertising Solutions completely screwed us over. We were suckered into a contract, and made unfulfilled promises. Also, they are very difficult to get a hold of. Their sales staff is completely uneducated in marketing and advertising. We contacted them months ago regarding a lack of performance on our ridiculously expensive campaign, and they failed to help us in any way! They refuse to let us out of their contract, even though the contract states that we can. Their district sales manager is supposedly the guy in power, but he has never answered our calls or emails. I’d advise all businesses to never advertise with them; you will get zero return on investment.

    on August 5, 2016   |   Reply
  • betha

    I signed up last year for a 6-month advertising campaign at $300 a month, with an option to cancel after 3 months was up. I contacted my rep to cancel the contract after the allotted 3 months and he said approved it. I believed the contract had been cancelled, but then I recieved a bill the next month. I informed them that I had cancelled, yet they continued billing me month after month. Currently, it is in collections for over $1500 with an attorney back east and they’re demanding payment. I am going to file a small claims action against them and see if that impacts it in any way. Luckily, the rep from YP said he would come and testify that the contract was indeed cancelled. Still, I hate this company and would absolutely never do business with them again.

    on August 2, 2016   |   Reply
  • tweed

    We were extremely dissatisfied with the poorly-designed website they created for us, so we had a new one designed by a different company. After continuously fighting with YP over ownership of the domain name, they finally released it to us, but are refusing to update the redirect information, which essentially holds our new host hostage because of YP losing income from our now-closed account. I’ve researched this and learned that this is their standard operation procedure in this particular division of the company. Research also showed that they fail to move on this issue until being faced with extremely ugly, public lawsuits–this is our next step.

    on June 12, 2016   |   Reply
  • kristen

    We had the misfortune of working with AT&T advertising. Over the course of our contract, we were mislead, passed from employee to employee, have not gotten any answers as to what exactly we’re paying for, and, when we proved that some of the traffic being directed to our site was irrelevant, we were shutout. Their business is disrespectful and deceitful, and we had to eat a great deal of money due to choosing to advertise with them. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t check to find all the other unhappy customers of AT&T before committing to their services.

    on May 14, 2016   |   Reply
  • erin

    Terrible business practices. They automatically renew contracts even when they have written notice well within the terms. they continue to bill your account and then refuse to credit it. You end up spending lots of time and money fighting the issue. Stay away from this Company!!!!

    on January 30, 2016   |   Reply



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