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  • katie72

    I’ve found a lot of negative reviews on this company that make them sound like they’re the spawn of satan or evil incarnate. My experience was definitely a mixture of good and bad. On the good side, the person that was managing my site was very polite and readily available when I had questions. He really seemed concerned with the progress of my site and always lent an ear when I voiced my concerns. Changes were made in what I would consider a timely fashion and their recommendations seemed logical. On the other hand (this is primarily directed at the sales guy that lured me in), when I first signed on they made it seem like they were the best at what they did and would completely blow away my competition because other marketing companies were not as advanced as they were. I signed on for a year long contract after which I cancelled because the cost to continue was too high. During the course of the year I did see some gains in new clients however the growth seemed to stalemate after 6 months. At the 9 month mark I started to become concerned as I was not making any further gains on my competition and I was mostly coming up near the top of the second page of results in Google (I had a couple first page rankings that kept me afloat). I was not pleased with having to pay for the entire year after growth had clearly stalled at the 6 month mark. In the end, I wish they had been understanding and allowed me to walk away early. It became very difficult to afford their services and canceling was a no brainer. Do I hate this company? No. Would I recommend this company? Probably not. If they did away with contracts and you paid based on performance then I may reconsider down the road if business gets better.

    on August 5, 2016   |   Reply



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