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  • victorglinsky

    First of all, Highervisibility said I am obligated to pay $349.00/mo service charge for 3 months and after that I can either keep them or cancel the service. But now, they’re saying “I should have canceled the service BEFORE 90 days period” and they can’t cancel “my 1 year contract” (which I didn’t sign up for…) until I pay them half the year’s balance of $1,300; for nothing!
    When I managed my SEO status on my hosting site, they found 8 items out of 11 that had to be filled out or fixed!!!
    And that’s after 4 month of using my SEO “service” for $349.00/mo!
    I’m still on the 5th page on Google search! This is outrageous.

    on August 21, 2016   |   Reply
  • elena

    That was the worst SEO company I ever worked with. All they did was waisting my time. In the period of 2 months in a report I was able to see only 3 links. That was it.
    My website drooped in search results on every single keyword that they were working on. Out of 70 “careful” chosen keywords that highervisibility team was working on only 35 were in the first 100 search results, most of them were at the end of that 100.
    Team is very unprofessional, was making a lot of mistakes and I had to pointed them out myself.
    Don`t use this company ever, they will destroy your website.

    on May 3, 2016   |   Reply
  • alexbraxton is being banned and slammed by Google. They are not a trustworthy SEO company. Don’t use their services. Try to search for Higher Visibility in Google and you won’t see their site. Why do you want to hire an SEO company to promote your online business if they can’t even rank for their own brand LOL

    on February 15, 2016   |   Reply
  • beth

    Complete garbage. The rest of these comments are 100% accurate. Not sure how or why I found these people on a “best SEO company” website. I’m guessing they pay to stay on the top which should be illegal. Tricking consumers or something. I don’t know. Bye. Bull shit.

    on December 21, 2015   |   Reply
  • craigg

    What a scam! By the end of the first month of service (I paid upon startup) they hadn’t made a single change to my website and tried to tell me that they were in the process of creating a “SEO strategy” for my site even though when I signed on they gave me a proposal with a list of things that needed attention. Not sure why they couldn’t do anything when they knew from the start what was wrong with my site. Maybe there really wasn’t anything wrong with it when they started in the first place? I don’t know. I would recommend staying away from this company.

    on August 30, 2015   |   Reply
  • bigwillie

    I hired Higher Visibility awhile back to do SEO for my existing site. What a complete disappointment! It seemed like every month a new issue with my site would arise and I would be given a different excuse each time. It was a total waste of my time and money. Nobody seemed to have any answers over there and I never spoke to the same person twice and whomever I did end up speaking with never really seemed like they were familiar with my site. I really felt like I was just a number to them and they could’ve cared less if they lost my business. They’re too big to fail I guess.

    on April 24, 2015   |   Reply
  • socalguy

    After 6 months with them I couldn’t justify paying for their services anymore. Over the course of the first 2 months with them my google rankings saw a little bit of an increase. After that it steadily declined and went even lower than when I had first started. They tried to tell me that it was just the recent changes google made to their search engine and my rankings would go back to normal after a month. I guess that was just their way of buying more time and wasting my money. Another two months went by and my website still had not improved so I was forced to cancel. Now I’m stuck finding a new agency that will hopefully get my site back up there which I’m sure will take up even more of my time which I don’t have a lot of being an attorney with cases to attend to.

    on February 14, 2015   |   Reply



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