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  • benji

    I hired them awhile back based off of their good reviews which turned out to be a huge mistake. They charged me an initial setup fee and then $600 per month after that on a month to month basis. I was supposed to have a designated team member to handle my account which turned into having multiple people who never knew what any of the others were doing. They were extremely difficult to get a hold of and never seemed to know what work had been done from the previous month. I received a monthly report which ended up consisting of keyword ranking of other companies who weren’t even in the same industry as my business. They accidentally deleted highly viewed videos from my YouTube channel which drove a lot of traffic to my site. I found them to be very dishonest and completely inept.

    on September 21, 2016   |   Reply
  • miked

    The sales person at 180 Fusion sold me on how great of a company they were and how they were different from all the other SEO companies out there and I really bought into it. I ended up signing a four month contract which was a grave mistake. Their team seemed very knowledgeable with SEO and PPC but they were completely dishonest with the progress and changes they had supposedly been making on our website. I ended up talking to a few other companies to have them look at the work they had been doing and they were all dumbfounded at what they had found. Their reports provide very little insight and communication with them is horrendous. I wasted a lot of money with them over the course of the four month contract and felt that no noticeable progress had been made during that time. They are not bad people but they definitely oversold their services and I would not recommend them. I totally understand that SEO is a process that takes time but I never felt like my business was in good hands. I will not return.

    on November 2, 2015   |   Reply
  • marce

    We have spent roughly $10,000 with 180 Fusion and they have completely failed to deliver on their guarantee to get us top rankings for ten keywords they had us help them select. We started with them back in August of 2013 and their guarantee was good for 1 year of service. It’s been around 2 years and they have yet to make good on their guarantee and they continue to charge us. Just another SEO company that has taken us for a ride.

    on July 14, 2015   |   Reply
  • dannyd

    They made a lot of promises about the results they would be able to attain for us. After 6 months there were no results whatsoever. I had to cancel after looking at the reports where it showed our rankings were actually worse then when we first started. I was told that they would fix it by the end of the last month of the contract. Still nothing even though they tried to claim that everything looked better from their end. After I called them and canceled they still ended up charging my credit card and had to dispute it. Maybe other people have had good results but NOT us! DO NOT HIRE THEM!!!

    on April 9, 2014   |   Reply
  • angiea

    I was very disappointed with their level of SEO service and overall results. They said that they would provide a complete refund to clients whom were not satisfied but I came to find out only after hiring them that it only pertained to certain services and not the one I had been paying for all along. I found that to be incredibly misleading. they were very hard to reach most of the time and I never saw any increase in sales from my site. I had done a much better job managing my site by myself which is what I am going back to doing again.

    on February 7, 2013   |   Reply



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