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  1. I was very disappointed in my experience with Yodel. After receiving an unsolicited call on my business line, the voicemail I received was quite misleading. The gentleman did not introduce himself as a marketer, but rather as someone who was calling to see if I was accepting a certain kind of patient. He made it sound as though he was calling to connect people within the community with medical services. When I called back, all I got was fast-talking and pressure, paying no mind to me or whether I was actually interested. I declined because honesty is very important to me, and I do not like high-pressure sales and I certainly do not like sneaky sales pitches.

  2. I was with Yodel for about a year and finally had to cancel; even though I should have done so a long time ago. It’s not necessarily a scam, but they make outlandish promises that they cannot keep. Promises like “You that you better get ready because they may be sending you more business than you can handle” etc. This definitely never happened. I have never received the number of follow-up calls promised by their sales rep. Whenever I complained, I would suddenly see results–indicating to me that they hadn’t been doing the work unless prompted by me. I spent $12k this year using Yodel and have just broken even. They promise to make you money, not get you to break even. They overcharge a great deal for what they actually do initially, only to put you on the back burner after a couple of months. I am not a tech savvy individual, and don’t feel confident in managing my own website, otherwise, I would have cancelled long ago.

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